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Best Mountain Bike Tracks In Tasmania

Tasmania is a tiny island that has a reputation for being a playground for adventurers. It’s dramatic and breathtaking in every way. The island state is home to some of the most spectacular mountain biking locations in the world if not even the entire country.

Bass Strait is not a reason to stay away. In just over an hour from Melbourne and less than 2 hours from Sydney you can be in Hobart, Launceston, or a short drive from any of Tassie’s dreamworthy trails. If you have the time and prefer to cruise comfortably in your adventure vehicle, you can spend approximately 10 hours on the Spirit of Tasmania departing from Geelong. You will arrive in Devonport, a northern Tasmanian town.

How can one choose from so many options? This summary gives you a quick overview of what you can expect on the best mountain biking trails in Tasmania.

Best Mountain Bike Tracks In Tasmania

A Man Riding His Bicycle on A Dirt Trail
A Man Riding His Bicycle on A Dirt Trail

The east of Tassie has so much amazing mountain biking to offer that things started to feel a bit lopsided. Since then, the West has responded in style. Zeehan and The Trails of Silver City is a Marvel Title. ).

Zeehan, once a bustling mining town, is now home to less than 1,000 people and a different kind of treasure. The first mountain bike trail built in Tassie’s west, Oonah Hill, is now part of the Silver City Network.

After a scenic drive of 2.5 hours from Devonport, you’ll arrive in the township of Zeehan. You will then be eager to get into your gear and explore the Heemskirk Ranges.

What are the similarities between pancakes, money, and the Heemskirk Ranges Trail Network? You’ll be happier the more you stack. There are three loops to choose from, each increasing in distance, difficulty, and remoteness. Riders can choose to continue on the trail or level up the ride when they reach the next trail. This system stacks trails, allowing riders to cover up to 35km in a single ride. It’s an epic adventure that takes you through some of the most breathtaking scenery we have ever seen. We know that not everyone enjoys riding loaded, but we recommend wearing a backpack for this ride. We’re not kidding when we say you’ll need to bring plenty of water, snacks, and first aid, as well as megapixels. You’ll stop for pictures more than once. This unique landscape offers epic views in all directions.

We also suggest that you don’t take any risks, as the trail is remote. Instead, enjoy its epic adventure and not those near misses that we love to recount over a beer. There are some real dangers out there, and you may have to wait for help if the situation worsens. Take your time, be safe, and enjoy this incredible ride.

Zeehan has beds, food, and drinks for you to enjoy after your ride. Queenstown, a slightly larger city, is only a half-hour away.

The Bar-Setter

You’re from Australia?” “No way!” Have you ridden Blue Derby?! What’s it like? “I HAVE TO RIDE THERE” – Anonymous French Gravity fiend met at Verbier, Switzerland.

Blue Derby is located 1.5 hours east of Launceston 2.5 hours east of Devonport, and 3.5 hours north of Hobart. It offers over 125km worth of playground, created by World Trail.

Do you want silky, smooth ribbons? Derby is your place. You might enjoy a maze of rock gardens. Derby. All-day epics? Derby. Sessionable airtime? You guessed correctly. Derby. You should believe what you read. This is a fun factory. Derby hosted the EWS multiple times in the past and will continue to do so in 2023 with the Enduro World Cup.

Woman Riding A  Mountain Bike
Woman Riding A Mountain Bike

Blue Derby is not just for dirt eaters, but it’s also a family-friendly trail center. You can either take your family to the trails or the pump track to get them hooked on the sport. Hazy Days, a green airflow trail designed to help beginners earn their wings and not be landed on by high flyers is sure to make you smile. It’s the same as saying you went to Whistler and only rode the bike park. To skip the Blue Tier is just as bad. Take a shuttle to the top of Blue Tier Reserve and pack a bag of snacks. Enjoy the stunning scenery as you speed through Weldborough along 20km of undulating, superb singletrack.

Derby’s facilities are as well-thought-out as its trails. The new trailhead boasts a wash station and showers as well as EV charging stations, parking areas, and more. The trailside camping allows you to turn your nighttime fantasies of rollers, roosts, and other adventures into reality with the rising sun.

You’ve had a great day, and now you’ve parked your bike. Do you want to continue the fun? Derby is full of great places to drink, eat, and have fun. After a ride, sweat it out on the lake in the floating sauna. Then replenish your tank with the famous Tasmanian produce in any of the fine restaurants in Derby.

I understand what you are thinking. Derby has the answer to your question: “That sounds fantastic, but where can I get my damn whistle?” The Dorset Hotel has always been a favorite for pints, but Lot 40, a brewery/distillery is now on the scene. Let the brews begin.

The Blue Derby website has everything you need to plan a successful trip, including shuttles, bike rentals, guided tours, and skills sessions. Booking your accommodation is also possible through this website, and a portion of the money raised from each booking goes directly to keeping the magic alive.

It is important to acknowledge that our outdoor playground can be affected by the forces of nature. In late 2022, landslides caused unexpected closures and modifications to many favorites. This included the lower section of Air Ya Garn, a fan favorite. You can bet that World Trail’s wizards are working hard to repair damages and make things better than ever.

What is the word of wisdom? Do not rush. Derby is as good as the hype. Spending a few days there will allow you to enjoy the trails, relax, and take in the sights. What do you ride, then? Planning your trip can be difficult with so many trails to choose from. Start by visiting the Derby page and then move on.

Bush to Beach

St Helens, a coastal town in the northeast of the state, is easily accessible from all major entry points to the state within approximately 2-3 hours. It sets the tone of your stay the moment you arrive. The mountains, sea, and air are all inviting.

The Bay of Fires is a truly epic ride that starts with a 14km downhill. The adventure begins with a journey through the dense ferned forest and ends at Swimcart Beach, a white sandy beach with lapping waves. You’ll experience some amazing descending but you will also have to pedal to get to the beach. E-bikes are a great option, but not necessary. If you’re going to pedal through the Bay of Fires on your own, then you deserve a tall drink at the end.

St Helens has plenty to offer those who prefer a short, sharp experience over a long, epic day.

Choose from a wide range of options. You can either pedal from the Flagstaff trailhead or take a shuttle to Liola Tier and then bomb down in style. Trails span from green and blue runs for those getting the feel for the sport, through to a collection of those hold-on-tight-and-don’t-crash kind of gems. Do you remember those man-made surfing pools that produce wave after wave of perfection? Send Helens is a black diamond trail that’s similar, but dirt. If you keep your speed up and commit to the trail, it will feel as if you are collecting super-speed boosts power-ups down.

It’s not surprising that the St Helens hosts a few events. The Dragon Trail Mountain Bike Race hosts two-thirds of its popular races on these trails. This gives racers a chance to test their endurance and skills in an environment like no other.

You’d do yourself a disservice in a place such as Tassie if you missed out on all the other things to do. St Helens is a place where the tides are always high, fish always bite, and surf is always good. (These statements were exaggerated for effect). Locals and tourists alike enjoy water sports in St Helens. You’re not a very buoyant person? No worries. No worries.

St Helens has a wide range of food, drinks, and accommodations to keep you re-energized. All over the town, you can find delicious food that comes from the ocean.

Check out the destination page to find out more.

Railin’ Railton

We’ll be very disappointed if you choose to take the Spirit over to Devonport and don’t go straight to Wild Mersey to have a blast. The Wild Mersey Trailhead is only 15 minutes away from the town. It’s located on the northern edge of the Warrawee Forest Reserve.

Wild Mersey is a network of trails that spans between Latrobe and Railton. Work is underway to connect all three trail centers shortly. The current selection includes everything from wide green trails to off-camber technical and sweet, sweet jumping — there’s even a lilypad to enjoy with your crew. The network has a few spicy zingers, but it is one of the best places to introduce someone to the sport. All the trails are short and easy to navigate, so it’s perfect for session favorites without having to shuttle back or grind long distances on their second serve.

Family Biking Together In The Forest
Family Biking Together In The Forest

Echidna’ Me, a blue technical trail with a good amount of side hits and janks will keep the most aggressive riders satisfied. Super Hornet is a twisty trail with an orange coating that features lily pads.

There are trails for every jib. XC bikes with short travel will enjoy the smoother lines. Enduro or trail bikes with longer travel will be at home tackling the rough stuff. E-bikes work well with the area’s many trails. The tight, technical nature of many of the trails makes it difficult to handle a heavier bike. E-challenge, however, is a trial designed to test your watts.

The Wild Mersey is nestled in between everything you need, whether you want a relaxed small-town feel or the luxury of a big city. Devonport offers a variety of accommodations, restaurants, bars, and cafes. Or, you can choose a smaller city like Sheffield, The Town of Murals, which is located in the shadow of Mt Roland.

Cradle Mountain, the iconic mountain in Tasmania, is only a short distance away. The Warrawee Forest Reserve, the Platypus capital of the world, offers the best chance to see one of these little critters.

What’s your take? Check out our Wild Mersey section to start planning your trip.

Tasmania Edition

Look out, New Zealand. There’s another Queenstown in…er…umm…town, adding yet another flourishing feather in the (Frenchman’s) cap of Western-Tasmanian mountain biking.

Queenstown’s natural environment is affected by human activity and resource extraction. This impact is evident. In the past, widespread logging and mining have resulted in the loss of most topsoil. This has exposed the gravelly layers beneath. Some may see a desolate landscape, but others might see a blank canvas to paint. They have painted. Since then, Dirt Art transformed the barren Mt Owen into a raucous mountain bike park that is worth mentioning.

Simon French, Dirt Art’s founder, saw the uniqueness of this space and knew it was worth something special. This vision remained constant throughout the construction process. Mt Owen, standing at 1,146m, is rough and rowdy, unlike any other mountain in Australia. Imagine steep, exposed ridgeline descends, tight, technical corners, and loose chutes. You’ll know what to expect if you’ve ridden the backcountry of the Canadian Rockies, or European Alps. Tire pressure is key – low enough for grip but high enough to give rims some fighting chance. Waterfall offers a long, well-balanced descent with plenty of side hits. The infamous West Coast Weather, coupled with the lack of coverage on Mt Owen could make this location quite wild if the weather turns. Plan your ride, and make sure you have the right gear.

Mt Owen isn’t all brake-burning double black gnar. Lower down the hill, you’ll find a variety of green, blue, and in-between trails that will still give you that Mt Owen flavor, but without going as high or far. The upper trails are accessible via shuttles from Queenstown, but you can also enjoy a 10km singletrack on the lower mountain.

The West of Tasmania is known as a place with dramatic peaks, and rugged isolation. There are plenty of other adventures you can have in Queenstown, whether it’s on the sea or a mountain. Frenchman’s Cap, a multi-day hiking trail popular among non-wheeled communities is a must-do for those who want to slow down their pace while remaining active.

Queenstown’s cafes and restaurants know exactly how to satisfy a mountain biking horde. They do so with aplomb. Tracks Cafe, for example, makes a mean cheeseburger. We are here to help.

Fresh Trails on a Vintage Backdrop

You’ve decided to start your journey at the northernmost end of the state on the banks of the Tamar River. This is where William Collins began his journey. You’re bursting with anticipation, and your tires might even burst before you reach the dirt. The trails of George Town await you. They are only 45 minutes away from Launceston if you have landed there.

George Town’s trails are divided into two distinct areas: Mount George and Tippogoree Hills, which were only recently developed.

The Mount George hub has 16km of gravity-fed trails. The trails range from flowy, fun greens to more challenging blues. One black diamond trail is waiting for the brave. These short, sharp trails are geared towards progression and are a good introduction for riders who want to dip their feet into deeper waters. You’ll also find long rock gardens and off-camber highlines to enduro your run. Mt George has trails for all levels of riders, despite its small size.

It’s good to know that your trip up will be covered, as you’ll probably want to ride the trails again and again. Local operators send it shuttles and promise to have you on the trails and back at the top in just 5 minutes. Laps, anyone?

George Town will satisfy your hunger for adventure. You can keep the fun rolling by scooting over to the new trail network in the Tippogoree hills.

Tipp Hills offers 57km of trails, divided into three tiers. The first tier was opened to riders in December 2022. On fat tires, you can enjoy 22km of perfect rocky trails.

The Devil’s Elbow trail has been featured in a lot of media since it opened. And for good reason. There are big boulders and janky rocks, as well as every other size of rock between. You’re lucky to get to ride them all. There is plenty of orange dirt to be covered by your team and you, with an ever-expanding route map. We recommend that you square off at least one time with the 1.1km Knightshift black diamond climb.

George Town, one of Australia’s oldest settlements, is also a great place to relax and unwind. Explore the rich maritime history of the town, surf a few waves, or soak up the sun at the Fur Seal colony. Do you find it boring to be on the ground? You can explore the world below the surface or fly into the city from the air. Visit Wild Tamar to get a comprehensive rundown of all the adventures George Town offers.

The Rowdy One

Maydena. Even a top-to-bottom lap, or even a name that seems to echo, will make you remember that day forever, just like an iPod on repeat. We recommend starting this drive with a helmet on, approximately an hour and a half west of Hobart. From the moment you arrive, you won’t want to waste time.

Maydena, sculpted into Abbotts Peak’s slopes, masterfully uses every 820m available. It currently offers over 80 gravity-fed trails for riders at every level. And we do mean all levels. Here, the top riders in the world test their limits and sometimes the newest bits of technology.

Maydena Bike Park and Dirt Art continue to impress with their extensive trail network. Each run can be connected in a variety of ways depending on your riding style. Each top-to-bottom run offers a variety of trails, including steep and slow, BIG jumps (both big and small), loam, and wide-open, party-friendly trails.

Over time, the park has matured from a place best avoided by beginners to a top-shelf destination for those rad families we all wish we grew up a part of. The lower part of the hill is dedicated to the early-day shredders, where you’ll find a range of beginner-intermediate trails aimed at progressing the skills and confidence in a fun and controlled way. If you feel you would benefit from professional guidance, coaching sessions are available. You can even get an uplift in the lower area so that you have more energy to pin it all day.

Chewie, for the Han Solos who have been tested and proven, go to the summit. Prepare to enter hyperspace. This is a favorite for those who are vertically inclined. From weekend riders to professional athletes, the sheer number, quality, and variety of trails have made it a favorite. Maydena is home to multiple Downhill National Championships and Enduro Jams. It also hosts a 24-hour Gravity challenge. And it will host the Enduro World Cup in 2023 (formerly EWS). Maydena will host a round of the 2023 Enduro World Cup (formerly EWS) with new world-class trails that are designed to push these speed demons to their limits.

Maydena is only lacking in that it has very little to offer besides the bike park. There are no fuel stations, shops, pubs, or other accommodation options. But fear not. Simon French, Dirt Art Director and bike park owner has laid out in detail how Maydena will fix this. This includes hotel-style accommodations, glamping, and other non-bike-related attractions. The bike park base will provide you with the essentials, including pizza, beer, and pump track sessions.

Kunanyi/Mt Wellington | Capital Cruising

You can find the most wild and crazy trails right outside the capital. Hobart, whether you’re leaving or entering, or just stopping by to learn a bit about culture before rolling in the dirt again, is a destination that every visitor should visit. With Kunanyi/Mt Wellington guarding this vibrant city, there’s no doubt that some of the best riding is waiting for you.

Mountain bikers and dog walkers are frequent visitors to the mountain, as well as hikers, trail runners, birders, citizen scientists, and many others. The City of Hobart is working hard to implement their ongoing Ride the Mountain project. They recognize the importance of providing a safe place for people who want to do their sport and the economic benefits that can be gained. You may be wondering what this means for mountain bikers. There are more trails.

There are currently green trails for beginners and blue trails with optional black features. It’s like adding a little of your cousin Nick’s homemade hot pepper sauce to nachos. Take the Kunanyi/Mt Wellington Explorer Bus for $50 and a bike to experience the North-South descent, an 11km rumble in the jungle. You’ll be near the Cascade Brewery where Australia’s oldest continuously brewed beer, Cascade Pale Ale, flows like water.

Hobart is a city that will make you fall in love at first glance. With mountains and a river running through, it’s impossible to see everything in one trip. No trip to Hobart would be complete without a stroll through the halls at the internationally renowned MONA. Then, continue your cultural immersion in any of the local restaurants that serve up the best of the freshest food.

Check out the Hobart City site for more information on the trails and other attractions in the capital.

Whew. That’s it. Tassie by bike, in short form. Tasmania is a state that goes far beyond its square kilometer. It offers everything from all-day adventures to steep, fast, and loose descents. Tasmania has it all: dramatic mountains, pristine beaches, ancient old-growth forests, and a glistening lake. We can assure you that the information presented here is only the tip of the iceberg. This is just a small sample of the mountain biking trails available in Tasmania at this moment. The future of Tasmania is bright, thanks to its diverse and wild terrain, as well as the visionaries who have helped realize its full potential.

Tassie is a strong contender in the state battle, but the mainland has its strengths. Start planning your next adventure by visiting the destination hub to get the lowdown about what’s happening on wheels around the rest of Australia. We’ll be seeing you all in Tassie!

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