Best Shooting Ranges in New South Wales

Exploring New South Wales' Premier Shooting Ranges: A Shooter's Haven

Shooting Ranges New South Wales

New South Wales is home to some of Australia’s best shooting ranges. The bustling cities, tranquil countryside and stunning coastlines provide a beautiful backdrop. New South Wales offers a wide range of shooting facilities to suit all levels and disciplines. This vibrant state has something to offer every kind of shooting enthusiast, from precision rifle shooting and dynamic clay target sports. We’ll take you on a tour of some of the most popular shooting ranges in NSW. Discover their unique features, and discover why they are so popular with marksmen.

Best Shooting Ranges in New South Wales
Best Shooting Ranges in New South Wales

1. Sydney International Shooting Centre

Located in Cecil Park, just a short drive from Sydney’s city center, the Sydney International Shooting Centre (SISC) is a world-class facility known for hosting international shooting events and providing top-notch training opportunities.

Key Features:

  • Olympic-Level Facilities: SISC boasts state-of-the-art facilities designed to meet Olympic standards. The complex includes multiple indoor and outdoor ranges equipped for rifle, pistol, and shotgun shooting disciplines.
  • Training and Development: The centre offers accredited coaching and training programs conducted by experienced instructors. Whether you’re a beginner learning the basics of firearm safety or an elite athlete preparing for competition, SISC provides tailored instruction to help you excel.
  • Community and Events: Beyond training, SISC hosts various competitions, including national and international events. The centre’s role in fostering a vibrant shooting community allows shooters to connect with peers, participate in tournaments, and celebrate the sport of shooting.

2. Canberra International Shooting Centre

Situated in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), adjacent to the NSW border, the Canberra International Shooting Centre (CISC) is another esteemed venue renowned for its comprehensive shooting facilities and scenic surroundings.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Shooting Disciplines: CISC caters to a wide range of shooting disciplines, including rifle, pistol, and shotgun sports. The centre’s diverse range of configurations and professional-grade equipment accommodate shooters of all levels, from beginners to elite competitors.
  • Scenic Location: Nestled amidst the natural beauty of the ACT’s countryside, CISC offers a picturesque setting for shooting enthusiasts. The tranquil surroundings enhance the shooting experience, providing a serene backdrop for both training and competitions.
  • Training Excellence: The centre provides access to accredited coaches who offer personalized training programs. Whether you’re refining your marksmanship skills or learning advanced shooting techniques, CISC ensures a supportive environment for skill development.

    Teenage Girl at Shooting Range Firing an AR-15 Rifle
    Teenage Girl at Shooting Range Firing an AR-15 Rifle

3. Silverdale Range

Located in the picturesque Warragamba Dam area, Silverdale Range is a popular destination for rifle and pistol shooting enthusiasts in NSW.

Key Features:

  • Rifle and Pistol Shooting: Silverdale Range features multiple shooting bays and ranges suitable for both rifle and pistol shooting disciplines. The facility’s diverse configurations and target setups cater to recreational shooters and competitive marksmen alike.
  • Family-Friendly Atmosphere: Known for its welcoming atmosphere, Silverdale Range is a favourite among families and individual shooters. The range encourages safe shooting practices and offers a supportive environment for shooters of all ages and skill levels.
  • Competitions and Events: The range hosts regular competitions and events throughout the year, attracting shooters from across NSW. These events provide opportunities for friendly competition, skill enhancement, and community engagement among shooting enthusiasts.

4. Hornsby Rifle Range

Located in Sydney’s northern suburbs, Hornsby Rifle Range is renowned for its long-range shooting facilities and dedicated community of precision rifle enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • Precision Rifle Shooting: Hornsby Rifle Range specializes in long-range precision shooting, offering shooters the opportunity to engage targets at extended distances. The range’s layout and equipment cater to competitive shooters and those seeking to improve their marksmanship skills.
  • Community Engagement: The range fosters a strong sense of community among members, hosting regular competitions and social events. Shooters can connect with like-minded individuals, share knowledge and experiences, and participate in matches that test their shooting prowess.
  • Safety and Expertise: Hornsby Rifle Range prioritizes safety with trained range officers overseeing shooting activities. The range also offers coaching and training sessions to help shooters enhance their shooting techniques and adhere to safety protocols.

5. The Southern Highlands Rifle Club

The Southern Highlands Rifle Club provides a variety of shooting activities to both beginners and experienced shooters. The club also offers Firearms Safety Training courses for those who are seeking their license.

According to the NSW Firearms Registry, this 800m range is classified as a “Classification Range”. The range has a narrower template for danger that allows long-range shooting from distances of 100 metres to 800 metres at intervals of 100 metres.

The Club organizes events for all rifle calibers, from 8mm centrefire to air rifles. The Club holds special events every 5th Saturday of the month, including lever action rifles.

The Club is open for anyone who wants to join and participate in our events.

No firearms license is required to use the range. However, you must sign in at both the Southern Highlands Regional Shot Complex Office and Club.

The Southern Highlands Rifle Club operates the Hill Top range most Saturdays by renting the range facility of The Southern Highlands Regional Shooting Complex. This is a separate organization from The Southern Highlands Rifle Club.

A Guy Shoots From a Hunting Rifle on the Shooting Range
A Guy Shoots From a Hunting Rifle on the Shooting Range

6. Gunsmoke Bathurst

More than 250 firearms are on display.

Over 250 firearms are on display, including rifles, handguns, and shotguns from major manufacturers like Winchester, Beretta and Benelli. We also have models by Remington, Marlin and Henry, Rossi and Mossberg.

We have every accessory you could possibly need to support both competition shooters and hobbyists. Call or ring us for any products you require.

We also offer a wide range of accessories and ammunition to support your purchase. These include binoculars and rifle scopes as well as cleaning and reloading tools, safes, cases, racks and targets. Even knives and archery gear are available.

We offer a range of general repairs to keep your firearms in top condition.

New South Wales shooting ranges provide a variety of opportunities for those who are passionate about firearms and marksmanship to indulge their passion. Each of these premier ranges offers a unique and supportive atmosphere, whether you are interested in Olympic training, competitive shooting or recreational events. Explore the best ranges in NSW, whether you are a local or visiting from far away. Immerse yourself in precision shooting in the diverse landscapes of the state and its vibrant shooting culture.


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