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Best Mountain Bike Tracks In Western Australia

Perth and the South-West are the most popular riding areas in WA. Western Australia has some long-distance, straight-line trails. This is unlike the neatly divided parks and reserves of many other states (which are still plentiful). It’s hard to say where you should start your day of biking in Western Australia. However, anything south or east of the capital is a good place to begin.

Locals, known affectionately as “sand gropers”, have plenty of options for riding. Around a dozen focal points are scattered around the region. Each has its unique feeling, and good trail design keeps sand groping to a minimum.

It’s easy to head south from Perth. Just hop on the freeway, and you’ll be out of town in no time. After Bunbury, you won’t see any traffic lights for 180km. You’re in the South West (just). Bunbury is the base of the South West Mountain Bike Club and you may be ready to get out and ride after spending two hours in your car.

Munda Biddi Trail

A Man Riding A Green Bicycle
A Man Riding A Green Bicycle

WA has some of the best-unsealed marathon rides in the world. The Munda Biddi Trail stretches 1050km from Mundaring to Albany, making it the world’s longest continuous bike track. The vast majority of mountain bikers are likely to pick and choose which stretches of the trail they want to ride. Not all of the singletrack is MTB-specific, but it’s well-maintained and marked. You can give yourself a big pat on the back if you manage to make it the whole way.
But it could be grueling

Kalamunda Mountain Bike Park

Kalamunda’s 40km of trails is part of a spider web of routes for mountain biking in the Darling Scarp, east of Perth. The network of trails is the largest and most popular one in WA and caters to riders at all levels. There are plenty of purpose-built features that spice up the cross-country singletrack. Fremantle Prison can be reached in a short drive, so a room is a good idea if you want to visit Perth.

Margaret River area

Margaret River is the winner in terms of thrills/sqm. The larger trail network is a collection of smaller conglomerates, such as The Pines. Compartment 10. Middle Earth. The Creek Trails. These densely packed areas feature a variety of technical playgrounds including constructed berms and jumps as well as high-speed flow segments. This will be heaven for some riders, but those who are less confident should stick with the 10 Mile Brook Trail or Wadandi Track, which branches off the main park.

Dwelingup area

The construction of several new bike-friendly areas in the area around Dwelingup, including Murray Valley and Turner Hill, is a relatively new development. Over 40km of singletrack trails are available, with a variety of difficulty levels. Look out for the boardwalks and log structures which add a unique flavour to the trails.

Dunsborough Mountain Bike Park

Dunsborough Mountain Bike Park, located conveniently near Dunsborough where you will no doubt be staying, is another gem of the greater Margaret River area. There are 21km in total but the trails are densely packed and have many beginner-friendly sections. It’s not a very exciting terrain, but it is well-maintained. There is a $5 entrance fee.

Mt Lennard Trails (aka Pile Rd)

Mt Lennard, also known as Pile Rd, is a 34km trail network located just south of Perth. It focuses on moderately challenging singletrack trails. Pea gravel surfaces can be a challenge for riders who aren’t used to them. With only one green run available, beginners may not have the most enjoyable time. The trails are well-marked.

Karratha MTB Trail Network

Karratha, in the dry Pilbara area, is the perfect place to go if you’re sick of the lush southwest. The landscape is more similar to Alice Springs than Perth. A vast expanse of mostly flat trails crosses the scrubland right next to Karratha. The obstacles are not too difficult, but you will need to be in good shape because you’ll be covering a lot of ground and it’s going to get hot.


If you base yourself in Dunsborough or the Margaret River area, there is enough riding for at least a few days. When visiting the South West, you’ll be faced with a question: when should you turn back? Many choose to turn back at this point because the drive from Perth up to Margaret River is over three hours. Pemberton is two hours south and has hosted several cross-country national series events in the past.

A Person Jumping a Bike In The Air Pemberton
A Person Jumping a Bike In The Air Pemberton

There are 17km of singletrack trails that wind through Karri forests. The trailhead is located near the swimming pools. There are wooden wall rides, jumps, and a pump track, as well as some steep descents. The Cool Runnings trail is a favourite among riders, as you are thrown into berm after berm, winding its way downhill.

You can cool off in the pool at Pemberton on a hot day (it is cold) and climb the 60-metre-high fire lookout. It’s not for the faint of heart. Round Tu-It campsite near Northcliffe has some tight, twisty singletrack and some friendly kangaroos. Northcliffe is another 30 minutes south of Pemberton. It’s a long drive back to Perth, so make sure you have your favorite music ready for the journey.

Bunbury & Collie

Collie has a mountain biking community that is centered around Crank n Cycles, the local bike shop. You can drop in or call ahead to see if they have a group ride on the weekend. The group heads out of town on a part of the Munda-Biddi trail, before diverting to the fun Dead Cat Trail and crossing the road to the twisty Rays trail. Dead Cat and Rays both have intermediate singletracks, while the rest of this area is made up of forest trails. The project is still in its early stages, so expect to see many changes.

It’s also worth noting that Wellington Dam National Park, which is known as Pile Road locally, is located just down the street and is littered with singletracks made by locals. The majority of people park near the brewery and ride up Bolands Track to Wal’s, then back down on Griz to make a loop. The route is well-marked and there are toilets in the lower car park. The Kambarang eco chalet, owned by local mountain biker Barrie Thomsen, is just around the corner. The Kambarang Eco Chalet offers eco cabins and camping. They also have a workshop on the property, as well as over nine kilometers of singletrack. You just need to let him know that you are coming, sign an indemnity, and give him a few bucks. The singletrack is not overly technical but has a nice flow.

Wellington Mills is also in the same region, but closer to the coastline. You’ll find several downhill tracks that are approved by the government. The Peel District MTB Club uses this track to host events all year long, from club races and national rounds. The tracks are not the steepest nor most technical by DH standards. However, they’re a good option if you want to challenge yourself on your all-mountain rig. It’s possible to pedal back up the hill due to the mild elevation difference.

Biker Doing Stunts on the Hills
Biker Doing Stunts on the Hills 

Cape to Cape is certainly a creditable event for putting the South West on the mountain bike radar of the nation. This event, which is held every October, has become Australia’s largest multi-stage MTB racing. Back then, there were few singletracks available. It now showcases the singletrack beehives in Boranup (day 2), Margaret River (day 3), Middle Earth (day 4), and Meelup (5th day). Even if you have ridden Cape to Cape before, it is likely that the route skips over a large portion of trails. This gives you a reason to return and explore. It can also be more fun to enjoy the singletrack trails at a slower pace.

You can enjoy the Cape-to-Cape ride more when you are not suffering from oxygen deprivation and your eyes hanging out.

Dunsborough Country Club is a great place to visit if you are in the area. You can access over 11km of MTB trails for just a couple of dollars. The trails were developed with the help of the local mountain biking club, and all proceeds go to maintenance. These hand-cut, blue-rated trails are a lot more twisty and turn around the golf courses. The tennis courts are surrounded by a pump track.

Locals have been riding in the adjacent reserve for years. It’s littered by trails, including the famous Brown Street. However, the formalisation is moving at a glacial rate. Brown Street has around 6 km of singletrack and features moderately technical trail elements, including log rollovers. It also offers views out over the turquoise waters of Geographe Bay. It’s a great place to ride, but the pea-gravel can be slippery, especially after a long period of no rain. Take a short detour to Meelup Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the area.

Margaret River

Margaret River is the next stop. It has transformed from a secretive network of mountain bikers to a community that welcomes all. Carters Road is the most popular area for mountain biking. Carters Road is located just north of town, on the western side of Bussell Highway. The trails are split into two areas: The Pines Trails on the northern end and the Creek Trails.

Each area has a distinct feel. The Pines has machine-built berms, jumps, and plenty of flow at high speeds. While the southern area features hand-built native bush. The Pines has been logged in some areas, but the eastern side is relatively untouched. It now flows as a more looped trail. The Creek Trail has a great flow and is a regional favorite. However, if you’ve ridden it before, be careful as the jumps are growing.


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