Best Shooting Ranges in Western Australia

Exploring Western Australia's Premier Shooting Ranges

Shooting Ranges in Western Australia

Welcome to Western Australia’s vast and beautiful landscapes, where adventure meets shooting sports. Western Australia has a wide range of shooting ranges that cater to all levels of skill. From the busy city of Perth to the tranquil coastal towns. This comprehensive guide will delve into the best shooting ranges in Western Australia. It will highlight their unique features, and why they are considered premier destinations for gun enthusiasts.

Best Shooting Ranges in Western Australia
Best Shooting Ranges in Western Australia

1. Lone Ranges Shooting Complex (Belmont Range)

Situated in the heart of Perth, the Lone Ranges Shooting Complex, also known as Belmont Range, stands as one of Western Australia’s most prestigious shooting facilities. Belmont Range caters to shooters of all interests and skill levels and boasting state-of-the-art amenities and a wide range of shooting disciplines.


  • Diverse Disciplines: Whether you’re a fan of rifle shooting, pistol marksmanship, or shotgun sports, Belmont Range has something for everyone. With multiple ranges and shooting bays, shooters can explore various disciplines and sharpen their skills.
  • Professional Training: The range offers professional training programs conducted by experienced instructors, making it an ideal destination for beginners and seasoned shooters alike. From basic firearm safety courses to advanced marksmanship training, Belmont Range provides comprehensive instruction in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Community Engagement: Regular competitions and events foster a sense of camaraderie among members, creating a vibrant and welcoming shooting community. Shooters can connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and participate in friendly competition.

2. Pinjar Rifle Range

Located in the scenic surrounds of Pinjar, north of Perth, Pinjar Rifle Range offers shooters a tranquil setting for precision rifle shooting.


  • Long-Range Excellence: With targets stretching out to 1000 yards, Pinjar Rifle Range provides shooters with ample space to test their marksmanship skills at extended distances. The range’s well-maintained facilities and challenging courses make it a favorite among competitive shooters.
  • Competitive Spirit: The range hosts regular long-range shooting competitions, attracting skilled marksmen from across the region to compete in challenging matches. Whether you’re vying for top honors or simply looking to test your skills, Pinjar Rifle Range offers a competitive and rewarding atmosphere for shooters of all levels.
  • Safety Focus: Safety is paramount at Pinjar Rifle Range, with strict adherence to safety protocols and range rules. Shooters can enjoy their time on the range with confidence, knowing that their well-being is always the top priority.
Man Shooting Sniper Rifle
Man Shooting Sniper Rifle

 3. Swanbourne Rifle Range

Nestled along the coast in the suburb of Swanbourne, Swanbourne Rifle Range offers shooters a unique coastal shooting experience amidst breathtaking ocean views.


  • Scenic Setting: The range’s picturesque location provides shooters with stunning views of the Indian Ocean, creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere for shooting. Whether you’re focused on marksmanship or simply enjoying the natural surroundings, Swanbourne Rifle Range offers an idyllic setting for shooters to unwind and connect with nature.
  • Precision Shooting: Specializing in precision rifle shooting, the range features targets set at varying distances to challenge shooters’ skills and accuracy. Whether you’re a competitive shooter or simply enjoy the art of long-range marksmanship, Swanbourne Rifle Range offers an unparalleled shooting experience.
  • Community Engagement: In addition to competitions and matches, Swanbourne Rifle Range fosters a strong sense of community among its members. Shooters can connect with fellow enthusiasts, share tips and techniques, and forge lasting friendships both on and off the range.

4. Bunbury Pistol Club

Located in the coastal city of Bunbury, Bunbury Pistol Club offers shooters a comprehensive range of pistol shooting disciplines and facilities.


  • Pistol Shooting Excellence: Bunbury Pistol Club caters to a variety of pistol shooting disciplines, including target shooting, action shooting, and practical shooting. With multiple ranges and shooting bays, shooters have the opportunity to practice and compete in their chosen discipline.
  • Professional Instruction: The club provides professional instruction for shooters of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced competitors. Whether you’re looking to learn the basics or refine your technique, Bunbury Pistol Club offers personalized instruction to help you achieve your shooting goals.
  • Community Atmosphere: Bunbury Pistol Club prides itself on its welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. Shooters can connect with fellow enthusiasts, participate in club events and competitions, and enjoy the camaraderie of being part of a vibrant shooting community.
Man Firing A Sniper In A Shooting Ranges Area
Man Firing A Sniper In A Shooting Ranges Area

5. Hot Shots Shooting

Hot Shots Shooting offers a range of shooting activities that are both fun and inspiring. We can cater for any occasion, whether it is a day with friends or a celebration. No matter your age or gender, anyone can participate. Shooting clays is not only fun but also helps build self-confidence, a belief that you can learn new things, and it may even lead to a new hobby.

Whiteman is located just north of Perth’s CBD. The Whiteman Park location in Whiteman Park is a top-notch clay target shooting range. Only a 25-minute drive from Perth CBD, and just a few minutes away from Swan Valley. The location has large shelters to allow us to shoot or spectate in the shade to keep you cool in summer, and dry in winter. There is also a large clubhouse that can booked for social events or meetings and a bar that will be available at the end of your event. The bar is open from 1pm to 6pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. You can arrange for the bar to be open outside of these hours at an additional charge.

Offers the best clay target shooting in WA. Hot Shots Shooting caters for corporate event, team building Bucks/Hens Parties, Birthday parties and more. Laura Coles, 2014 Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist, and Tokyo 2020 Olympian is the head coach of Hot Shots Shooting. She will guide you through a memorable, fun and exciting experience.

6.Pine Valley Pistol Club

Pine Valley Pistol Club, located in the Whiteman Park International Shooting in the Northern suburbs of Perth, is the home to one of Australia’s largest IPSC clubs. PVPC is located in Whiteman Park International Shooting, Perth’s Northern Suburbs. It has arguably the most impressive facilities of any IPSC Australia club that shoots only IPSC and ICORE. Pine Valley Pistol Club has 17 shooting ranges and offers a wide variety of stages.

This exciting sport is governed by the International Practical Shooting Confederation. IPSC pistol shooting is a form of target shooting that involves moving through a series of courses and shooting steel and paper targets with specialised pistols. DVC’s motto – Diligentia Vis, Celeritas reflects a style of shooting in which competitors shoot at high speeds and solve complex problems using a freestyle approach. IPSC is an exciting spectator sport that is closer to extreme sports than the slow-fire pistol shooting at the Olympics.

We encourage you to book a visit to the club to see what it’s all about. We will take the time to explain IPSC, show you the club, and answer all of your questions. However, it is important to remember that walk-ins are not permitted.


Western Australia’s ranges offer a diverse array of opportunities for gun enthusiasts to fully immerse themselves in their love for firearms. From the sweeping plains to the rugged mountain peaks, Western Australia caters to a wide range of interests, whether you’re drawn to the meticulous precision of rifle shooting or the rapid-paced intensity of pistol sports. Pack your essential gear and make your way to these exceptional ranges, where you can not only sharpen your shooting skills but also revel in the breathtaking beauty of the Australian landscapes. Embrace the adrenaline rush and the sense of camaraderie that accompanies every shot fired amidst Western Australia’s stunning natural scenery.

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